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Vandermont Academy's National Lacrosse Program is a game-changing initiative that aims to redefine excellence in lacrosse.  This revolutionary program is designed to identify, nurture, and develop the next generation of elite lacrosse athletes, providing unparalleled opportunities to showcase their skills and reach new heights in their athletic careers. 

If you are looking for a place to grow as a person, as a player, and academically, you belong here.  Be coached by the best and raise your exposure to programs that can fulfill your dreams of a future in lacrosse.  We can't wait to meet you.

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  • Expert lacrosse coaching

  • Catapult technology

  • Travel to tournament cities

  • Transportation at tournaments

  • Accommodations at tournaments

  • Meals during tournaments

  • Tournament fees

  • Practice facilities

  • Professional media coverage

  • Uniforms (one set)

  • Sports equipment (one set)

  • Nutritionalist

  • Recruiting

  • Trainer

  • Academic online costs

  • Books

  • Tutoring services

Not included

  • Basic academic or athletic supplies

  • NCAA Eligibility Center account

  • Insurance


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Vandermont serves students and their families. If your son is accepted, we’ll work closely with you to do our very best to make the experience as valuable as possible.


We believe a strong partnership between families and the school can bring about the resources necessary to make a Vandermont Academy experience a reality. We are proud to offer need-based scholarships to our families.  The school’s need-based program helps to offset the cost of tuition as well as cover other expenses associated with attending. 

Questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to be in touch!


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Due with application.

ENROLLMENT FEE: Non-refundable fee for each student due at enrollment. (Student is enrolled when all forms, records, and payments are submitted.)

New Families: $350; Returning Families $300


INTERNATIONAL FEE: A one-time, non-refundable fee of $2000 is due at enrollment for each international student applying to Vandermont.


STUDENT RECRUITMENT INCENTIVE: Any Vandermont Academy family who recruits a new enrolled family will receive a $100 one-time credit to their tuition account.  Multiple discounts allowed. Incentive discounts only apply to the first year the recruited family attends.

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